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    gaia_nitemareleft Hello! I'm Kotori Tsukirin and I'm from Finland! I have a second Account in Gaiaonline, An Tsukirin. gaia_nitemareright
    <br />
    gaia_angelleft I'm 22 years old and my birthday is February 26th. gaia_angelright
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    gaia_star My original name was Puckel on Gaia but right now I go as Kotori Tsukirin gaia_star
    <br />
    gaia_moon If you want to add me on Discord: Annichu #6926 gaia_moon
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    About me~: emotion_kirakira <br />
    gaia_sakura Like: Watch Anime, listen to anime music, humming, write my daily life, draw, reading shounen-ai/yaoi manga<br />
    gaia_sakura Dislike: complicated homeworks, slimy animals, nightmares, school<br />
    gaia_sakura Interested in: Flowers and Plants<br />
    gaia_sakura Good at: believing in myself and my friends, making lame jokes, making nicknames to others<br />
    gaia_sakura Zodiac: Pisces<br />
    gaia_sakura Chinese Zodiac: Snake<br />
    gaia_sakura Favorite food: RICE WITH CHICKEN AND SOY SAUCE, homemade pizza, mostly all homemade foods<br />
    gaia_sakura Favorite fruits: BANANA, PITHAYA / DRAGON FRUIT, Strawberries, melon, clementine<br />
    gaia_sakura Favorite countries: My own country (Finland), Japan, Canada<br />
    gaia_sakura Favorite animal (even fantasy): Bunnies, foxes (also nine-tailed foxes,Kitsune), dragons, phoenix, snakes, deers, butterflies and black cats<br />
    gaia_sakura Favorite plants: Orchid, roses, hydrangea, white lillies (+water lillies), Lotus flowers, Peonies,Camellias, Cherry blossoms, Magnolia,Forget-me-not, violets and Wisteria.<br />
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