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  • Artist Info: Hi people my name is stuffinator123. I am the I am currently working on this dream avatar I made on tektek: <br />
    Space Elf<br />
    User Image
    <br />
    <br />
    The next avatar might have something to do with foxes.. so yeah. Now as I was saying.. There are a couple of tv show I like. One, Futurama. Two, South Park. "OMG YOU KILLED KENNY YOU BASTARDS!!!"..heheh. Funny and stupid AT THE SAME TIME *gasp*. My favorite actress is Amy Adams and my favorite actor is either Steve Carell, Jack Black, Robin Williams... I can't decide xd My favorite song is Miracle by Cascada and my favorite band is The Killers.I am currently in love with and a fangirl of: <br />
    1. Mark from RENT<br />
    2. Ian of Gaia<br />
    3. William "Spike" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer<br />
    4. L from Death Note<br />
    <br />
    The last one came from an anime... but my favorite anime ever would have to be cross between Angelic Layer and Ouran High School Host Club. I also like the anime Ghost Hunt as well. And trust me, it's nothing like Ghostbusters. Here are my everyday obsessions. They aren't in any particular order.<br />
    1. The Sims<br />
    2. MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) <br />
    3. Nightmare Before Christmas <br />
    4. Anastasia Movie Thing <br />
    5. Aladdin <br />
    6. RENT <br />
    7. Wicked -OMG that play is soooo AWESOME. Complety AWESOME. But mostly because I'm obssesed with: <br />
    8. The Wizard of Oz <br />
    9. Into the Woods (another awesome musical)<br />
    10. Casual Downloadable Internet Games (Bigfishgames.com is AWESOME) <br />
    11. Fairy Tales (You know... The Brothers Grimm? Hans Christian Anderson? You HAVE heard of them right?? Right?!?) <br />
    12. The Lion King (Both the movie and the musical) 13. The Little Mermaid <br />
    14. Beauty and the Beast (yes Disney movies... I'm a sucker for them... that's why I want to become an Imagineer.. *gasp* Math AND Disney?? COUNT ME IN!!!) <br />
    15. Alan Menken (the composer of the music to many disney movies) <br />
    16. Hercules (Disney movie and Greek myth)<br />
    17. Greek Mythology <br />
    18. Harry Potter (Aren't we all at some point?)<br />
    19. Faeries (What?? I was six okay?!? I still like to read a good fiction teen book about them now and then...) <br />
    20. Vampires <br />
    21. Elves (Not the shoemakers or the santa kind... the kind of ones you find in Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft.. oh that reminds me) <br />
    22. Star Wars <br />
    23. Indiana Jones <br />
    24. Lord of the Rings <br />
    25. Spies (*mission impossible theme song plays in background*) <br />
    26. South Park <br />
    27. Futurama <br />
    28. Cartoon Network <br />
    29. Gaia (still obessesed duh) <br />
    30. CATS (The Musical)<br />
    <br />
    30 obsessions... and there's MORE. I just can't think of them now...whatever. So now without further ado.. TAKE THAT CIVILIZED SOCIETY!!!!
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