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  • Artist Info: Hio <br />
    My name is Mimi no duh its so simple to figure that out <br />
    my favorite color is baby blue >w< ◦ ^‿^<br />
    i am _? years old not gonna tell ya till i know ya lol >w<<br />
    im funny ,nice,crazy, wierd ,ramdom and mean(at times i am though) and im proud of it <br />
    im a tomboy >.<<br />
    im a artist ★‿★<br />
    i like to feel the fresh air i dont even no y <br />
    my favorite animal is a penguin <3 as u can see the penguin is on me pro :3<br />
    my favorite thing to do is be on the computer to be on gaia and listen to<br />
    music and text to friends. :3 ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬<br />
    im asain :3 ◦◕‿◕<br />
    im catholic if your shocked then u should be not to be mean or anything hehe ;3<br />
    and i would like to make lots of friends while im online and have good times :l3.<br />
    also im always bored =.='' :3<br />
    well thats all i have to say l:3 <br />
    if u wanna know more about me PM me <br />
    i love ramdom peeps >w< <br />
    comment me if u like to start a conversation :3 <br />
    Gamins Free Tekteks!<br />
    http://www.gaiaonline.com/badge/12969753/?_gaia_mkt_=410<br />
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