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  • Artist Info: Name: Milena...Just call meh Melz if chuuz like...Or my middle name, Anna! Age: OMFG YOU---- Hm. I should just say 14 (I don't want to reveal the real one!) <br />
    Planet: I can't say Earth, because I am from Planet Vocaloid~!<br />
    Prettiness: 101% cuteness and sexiness.<br />
    I'm an angel with.. : Dark Blond hair, Blue-Grey eyes, beauty spot on chin (smexi xD) and a cute smile. :3<br />
    <br />
    That's it for now. I just have to say Happy Whatever-Festival-Is-Coming-Up, and stay sexy! <br />
    ~Love your Vocaloid Goddess, Anna <3 ;3<br />
    O ~ Hi I Am Bob. I Don't Look Like It?<br />
    -|- Then Go And $hit Pineapples, FREAK! (This was not made by Milena.)<br />
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